Posted by: deatantyo | December 12, 2010

My Number One Mother

In between the twilight of this city,
Remembering you, My longing never goes out..
I know about those prayers or node a sense of who
you always wish you spent for me..

How to tell at nite, ’bout your sweat, your effort, or your love countless, or ’bout what you say over and over again after tonite..

I missed you, really missed lay my head in the warm embrace you, whisper about the contents of my heart, telling my story to you that an occasional variety makes me blush wth embarrassment…

There was no reply word for me, you just paused and smiled, you didn’t answer, but what’s amazing! You give what I need, not just what I want.. True, not many words that come out,
Instead, you frame it in another shape ;; It wiped sweat and smoothed back my heart, provide your breath after you turn it on again my energy, and let your wings I can fly farther..

so lovely! Until I come back again in this city, and continue the steps with the new power..

Dear Mom, this trip will not be long,
I promise I’ll be back wth you,
Take care of you as you take care of me first,
Then I come home with answers to your prayers everynite…

for my beloved
Mom is number one ever in the whole world..

Translated By : Astie Oetomo
Thank you.



  1. Kang ada versi bahasa Indonesia nya gak ? gak ngerti. hehe

  2. nah, yang indonesianya kan lebih bagus,.
    yg versi inggrisnya rada alay,.
    yang nranslet alay sih

    • Hehe dilaporin ke yang Nranslete nehh! 😀

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